And the Dreamer is put in check

The purses have stalled.  I am wrestling with either accepting this notion or staying up nights just to prove it wrong.  How does one gain more time?  I already make lists for my days and I try to take deep breaths whenever I remember.  I don’t play games on my phone anymore (o.k. well maybe while I’m waiting for class sometimes.)  The only thing I can think of is to quit my day job, but then we have the gas and grocery issue.  Without my small income, there is no gas and grocery money.  So, anyone out there want to donate $300/week to a very grateful family so the mom can chase a dream?


Etsy on the Horizon

My camera is in Weslaco!  For those of you not in the know, that means my camera has finally made its way down to the very tip of Texas, about 20 miles west of where I live.  It could, in all possibility, find its way into my hands today.  I’ve been waiting for this camera to start a site on Etsy.  The cameras in my family’s stock are not exactly ideal for photographing merchandise.  I’ve been researching other sites on Etsy, and it seems that the folks that do the best have amazing photos.  Not only do I need the decent camera, but I need to also give myself a few hours with some photo editing software tutorials.  It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I’m ready!

Later:  It’s on the truck!

Later still:  It’s here!  Holy cow!  I can’t wait for that battery to charge!

Life in Harlingen

It is finally cold!  Well, 40 degrees is cold to me.  Especially when it has been 80 degrees most of the winter.  The wind is blustry and the kids are wearing long sleeves under their hoodies.  When I woke Charlotte this morning and told her it was cold outside, she asked if it was as cold as where Nana Betty lives when it snows.  She is referring to her grandmother who lives in rural Ohio.  Ah, no.  In fact, I do believe that if her cousins were here they would laugh at our “cold” weather.  This may be the only real cold snap we have this winter, and I’m loving it.  The 100+ degree summer is always right around the corner so I will take whatever cooler weather I can get.  Today is the perfect day; cold outside, NPR, coffee, and purses.  Oh, and that camera is finally on its way.  Right now, New Jersey.  In two days, Texas!

Patiently, patiently

I am waiting for Target to ship my new camera. I am waiting to use that new camera to take better pictures of the bags. More are finished and others have begun. With reluctant patience, I work, allowing paint to dry, glue to set and ideas to form. I made a Salvation Army run today. Amazing finds. I’m holding to the “Rescue” principle of my project, every bag has been previously owned. My family has been so patient with me, watching as I bury the dining table with purses, paint and embellishments. “Who wants to eat at the coffee table tonight?” is always met with a resounding “Yay!!” from the kids. Project? Passion? Or obsession?   Do I even need to understand the difference between the three?  Nah.

A Preview

Some of those rescued purses have new life.  Here are some pictures.

The bag that started it all.

This one is like the purple one in the "before" pictures.

This is the narrow black vintage handbag from the "before" pictures.

I am very partial to this one.

Remember granny's overnight case?

This is a vintage tapestry bag.

There you have it.  These little goodies are how I spent my Christmas vacation.  More to come.


Thank goodness for friends who believe! My dear friend Becky has purses and jewelry bits to donate. More soon.

The Beginning

I have begun this project because I love carrying unique purses.  I don’t want to carry a bag just like everyone else’s, and I hope there are many more women out there just like me. 
This little bag is made from the same material as re-usable grocery sacks. It is highly paintable.
This leather art deco bag is going to be a challenge.
Granny’s old overnight case can be chic and modern.
Bags for daily use don’t have to be boring.


Vintage evening bags like this one are ideal candidates for the Rescue Project.
These are just a few of the bags I have awaiting redressing.  If you or someone you know has no need for a stash of feathers, beads, old jewelry and knickknacks, please direct them to me. 
More soon.


The Purse Rescue Project

It’s time.  The project has begun.  Ten rescued purses, two contacts for supplies and one determined lady.  I will post the “before” pictures tomorrow.  Is everyone ready for this?

And the Race is Off

How is it that time is both elastic and fixed? I have all day to accomplish the things on my list. I will pursue those items as vigorously as possible, but the day will seem too short. However, when I step into that restaurant tonight to work my 5 hour shift, those 5 hours will last longer than my whole day. Tomorrow is my daughter’s 5th birthday, but it feels like she has been alive for only a couple of months. We moved to my home town a year ago, and that feels like it’s been 5 years. The small life, the one that gives us the utmost joy is so very short that we tend to miss it while focusing on the long arduous version of life called survival. A friend gave me some advice on how to grow the amount of “real” time on my hands: Yogatic breathing, caffine and manic list writing. Thanks, Jon. It’s working.

I’m bigger than I look

In my mind, I’m 50 feet tall.  I have the superhuman ability to get it all done.  No detail is overlooked and my family’s clothes are always freshly pressed.  I have the ability to stop time.  All homework assignments are finished with time to spare and we get to read together on the couch every night.  Every shift gets worked and every dance class and scout meeting starts on time.  In my mind.